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When you set high demands for your suppliers it means you give us a competitive advantage at Bufab Lann. Our reliable processes and minimal rejects put us above the required quality level for most sectors. We have reached this level through careful attention to detail from the first quotation stage, and all through our processes, as example we have never compromised on the life time length of tools during production.


We do business based on clear principles. A handshake is an expression of trust. Our business vision, strategy and policies contain clear expressions about quality assurance and social issues. We place great importance on the outdoor environment and the indoor working environment. We believe in ethics and morals. Put simply, we expect fair play.

Bufab Lann has built-in efficiency in the use of energy and natural resources, with systems for recycling and reusing materials as well as preventing all types of emissions. High environmental performance is the key to long-term sustainable development. We meet and exceed laws and international agreements regarding environmental requirements.

Lean method

In everything we do, together with our Customers, Suppliers and Internal within our Company, we allways strive to do that extra that matters.

Cleanliness Control

New and tougher demands on the market has resulted in new investments at Bufab Lann. Both in more efficient and quality assured washing equipment as well as cleanliness control equipment for evaluating contamination based on the new standards within the automotive and hydraulic sector.


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